Everyone acts like gentle in social.but this doesn’t means it is a nature of that person..social acts is only source to prove supreme over other..

Character is what you are in dark..when nobody is watching you..when nobody knows what you think or what you do..some people’s acts like best person and make show of everything..money,charachter ,nature caring and even relationship..but just on incidence is sufficient to know how they actually are..

Just one incidence is sufficient to know how some people’s makes show of acting like ethically but actually they do crime softly like expert criminals by hurting others by destroying personal circle..

Your truest colors are right there in hard situations.your words with talking others shows your character.your decision making shows your character.your thinking power with respect to others and specially with women’s shows your character.

How u act in society is not ur character but how u act with individual is.character influences solitude..